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Related article: Date : Tue, 8 December 18, 2009 02. 20 0000 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: brief encounters cap 45 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school Preteen Lolita Pics and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Beware of strange messages, I'm a little busy at the minute, but try to must be at least a week or every two weeks Preteen Lolita Pics bookings. As always all comments welcome. ******************************************** **** ** ******************************************** ** ** Chapter 45 - When dreams cum true the art was a very exciting day. First, your understanding too father had bought him and purchase some of the colorful pants had a dreamFight for months. And if that was not enough, it in the high sexual content and was followed Tom Alex. The combination of these two events led to the later than the cock of her s, to build strong, because he had been out of bed in the morning really begin to hurt. Since he had already scheduled another adventure for the evening were there in the building gave no before. If anything the situation was destined to get worse, as Nigel is also involved ! But first a selection of accessories needed to refine the experience of the s hiding under your bed. The act of bending over to get straight under the bed and pull the bag was not helped by his jockey shorts s new that appeared to restrict their movement as more erectional old baggy Y fronts have ever done. Listening will be received to ensure that no one on the landing outside his room, put the bag down and opened by the unmistakable smell of adolescent boys,stale sweat and a hint of seeds. The seed was primarily the product of his own night messages when testing many of the writings, the time one of his classmates. View through dirty white briefs, thought the fact that Simon had, who had originally stolen yet found the bag, which in turn was stolen from his room! in through the bag, I wanted the satisfaction of grunted as he knows what he s found and released three shorts on the bed, again filling all other n and return the bag to \\ \\ n at hiding as far back against the wall, Preteen Lolita Pics you would do. The next stop was the dresser, where dug n with all foreign coins, paper clips, string, pencils broken, I wanted candy packaging y other things, who lived at the top, until you find what you n. Finally, sitting on the edge of the bed, grabbing the nail scissors, was the inside of each pair of underpants on careful examination of , but she was smelling quite unnecessary, but nowever much fun ! This is not helping your situation erectile and only serve to get From his throbbing cock back and set about their task was to an inch long slit in the seam of the back of the card. Finally, when all three couples were also visited, carefully folded two pairs to as little as he could, and laid in bed with him to take Nigel later. The third pair, whom he chose to use were the St Michael Brand. Still wondering who had it holds that undid his pants and let it slowly fall to the ground, was not to admire his red underwear again. Meanwhile, they were looking worse for wear as your engorged cock tried desperately to escape it is captivity and had a wet spot to control the spread has created numerous dried semen stains that had resulted from their previous encounter Tom and Alex pulling the thin red belt away from your body, looked over his rounded bellythe bag. Art in general complacent with their n aspect and not the smell of semen and very red looking for the head of his penis was much maligned him, seeing that neither not even smell something unfavorable. Preteen Lolita Pics With some difficulty managed to to kick off his jeans, fully dressed in his shoes and came to order for the white underwear, which began on what would be in the tip of his new red. This is recommended only for himself, his home hands grope her butt as she looks in the mirror and the general lines of the letter again on target. Satisfied that the intersection of the red was much higher than those of white underwear most of the guys was wearing, put his jeans back up and called the press flight. Annoyed by the constant erection that he hoped it would not be much longer before he could finish again, and putting the chips neatly folded in his pocket, broke Nigel House. Nigel, in the meantime by the thought of what was planned drivenart had to so excited he did not expect to art, to enter his house, and had was to wait on the street corner for him. Slate casually into a lamppost with one hand on the bag Nigel was doing a steady trickle of precum so much so that the lining of the bag is feeling very viscous, which is absorbed in his writings saturated. Finally, he saw the art of awkward bends over him, and quickly went to greet him. " What, you lame or what?" Smiled kind. "No, I'm fine, I have my pants are a bit tight ! N em 'll show you when we get there. " " WOT? WOT new pants... right? " Nigel now had the two hands Preteen Lolita Pics in his pockets y art was pretty obvious, to do with them. " Waiting". smiled type. " and the fronts or WOT? " Nigel asked urgently, it never occurred to him s that have nothing more. "bloody wait now ! And leave alone! Fuckin 'hell, the front of yer jeans all wet ! "Art said in wonder. " The sooner we are there, the before we.. I mean, I still do, right? " Nigel smiled and nodded, " Fuckin 'right I think we've talked about enough, so I've been practicing! " " Wot! Why and how? Then they say come to me. "Art started running. Apparently Nigel took very seriously. N " Well, what about you, "said Nigel," I had a bath last night y... " 'dirty bastard! How often ? "Interrupted way to guess what is going to next. " twice.. and washed back too! " ' Out? Wot! " Art begins to laugh: "You mean.. from the inside out? " " Yes, I just fuck, I said, do not ? I have it for you. "Nigel was the ground, for once it was he who was apparently a little embarrassed. " Oh. For me WOT? " Art was not touched. " Yes, well, you 're doing it for years WOT does not speak the truth? " " I ' spose we have. " " You are my best friend, I'll leave... You know you can do to me. " Nigel caught the attention and the type ofThe first time I actually appeared blush. He paused, put his feelings into words just was not his forte. " I think we'll do it together. Oh bloody hell art, I can not speak about things like this.. I... I just want you to do " for a few seconds somehow had a strange feeling again. Nigel was apparently thought it was a turning point in their friendship. He was very a Nelson and wanted to give a hug there. This may be emotional for both, and yet wanted to be as argued below anyway. In contrast, the type of intentional eye contact and smiled, as only he as possible. This had the same effect, and demolished the remaining defenses Nigel emotional. "art, no, no, look at me!" For once, Nigel was nowhere as strong as it seemed. Deliberately break the eyes contact, tried to move the art theme and now it feels almost as if is not subject emotionally vulnerable. " Oh shit.. well... well.. " Nigel muttered, "Well, I just fuchope of kinship ', that have had a bath as well! " kind of grunt, was all he could do with a big lump in the throat. Nigel looked at him and tried to sound stern. Otherwise, the miserable tone n his voice was not the likes and dislikes. " I know you, you are a man you do not change dirty clothes and yer... and. Do not wash yer cock fucking nothing! "Flushed type and gave the sidewalk. It was true. ", on Sunday. That is, only for me... For once, right? "Asked Nigel breath. " I mean, it's like our big day.. innit ? " " Um.. you mean.. I did. " " Yes, oh shit.. I want to get dirty or Preteen Lolita Pics not! "Nigel blushed as he realized, , which accidentally snapped. " Oh, shit.. So, sorry.. I do not mean to.. oh shit! I said it ! Shit ! Shit ! " The words 'I want you ' round kind of shook my head, went to three more steps in silence. Nigel was convinced he had said too much n and the moment was beyond point simply pushed friendship. Until then, if x is an act of pure joy, laughter was a teenager was was anything about masturbation, which was, the guys of 15 years, either solo on and always together in the rule. That was until now how friendship deepened to the point where it was placed on an unstable emotional do not really mean one. " Yer right... You said it " sounded lost art, "you fuckin ' said Now! " ".. And, ohshit! " Tail Nelson 's voice from when he was just looking at art him with wide eyes. " Nige, I hope it's not too big... you know.. ", as it is much more than mine! " art was desperately trying to answer in his inimitable if the form naive. " I've been thinking, would not hurt me ass would it be? "Wiped Nigel eyes the way back, with the hope that is not the tears that had formed at the corners. I could not help himself, who had been n \\ \\ that look. " stupid bastard ! "Then he started laughing. " Wot! Think you could split ! " type gulped at the thought of Nigel swollen cock, maybe the sex was not all fun. Would it really hurt that he had never taken place ? Maybe something bite about the size n of young Tom would be more appropriate for a first time Nigel queue was awfully big in comparison. " have washed any case," said Nigel open and close. it's not really now as the issue helped the transition from the intense emotions that had to be s occurred between the two. art looked and felt very guilty. knew what I had planned to do, was a leap into the unknown and Nigel was obviously thinking about it and use very seriously, while in his usual careless that he had no desire. " is not it ? "Nigel is suspected that he was not, but now is not care. " So, now.. Now I ' spose I did not want me yer tail fucking ass! " " Umm.. Of course you do. "Art was very embarrassed and said, sounding less than honest, knowing that he had a bath to day. " But Ihave done it twice this morning, so it could be a -bit.. HHMM.. how tacky ! " " What? You have the shit or you have masturbated twice.. or both! "Asked Nigel before in a fit of laughter to break the tension helped to solve. kind was bright red. " Masturbated, I mean. " " You are a dirty bastard ! "Nigel was still laughing. " Clean yer lazy, but all yer cum covered already ? Is that true ? " "Yes ! "Art was red, and then slowly realized how ridiculous the conversation n ever, began to smile. " Fucking bastard ' winding up to me! " Nigel laughed again and jumped out of the way, the hand had set on the back. " Hey, come here. I guess WOT? "Said Art," I am not meself Wank, no a second time. " " Wot! "Nigel went quickly to his side. " Anyone with me? " kind of stopped. " Tom and Alex! " " Fuckin 'hell ! WOT, both of them! " Nigel was in shock. " You turf luck! seen " " YER and Simon! Come and tell you everything. " Smiled kind andbegan to celebrate, life was good again. Very good and s will only hoping to get even better. Top of Barry and Robbie park was dedicated to study the child playing football on the lawn directly recognize its advantages. Or, more to is required where shorts had turned and stared try to evaluate what they had, if n is all of them! In the midst of the players also visit Robbie flirting Barry. Since they have the advantage of operational experience, who had n Barry success led to a dry orgasm through the open fly of his hand jeans behind the rubber inside the blue No panties. Barry had a hand in the second leg of the race between the disappearance of Robbie shorts and underwear his fingers slowly and deliberately, and crack hot on his hump, as Robbie the grass under his feet. This is a very nice way seemed to sell by the time that followed of movements of the brown -haired boy, who tHoughten all n there were signs of an erection that would not go! Running for the ball to shorts n take his bottom so that the contours of your shorts are too visible, but it was time, he leaned re-tie his shoelaces if his rode to the white shirt of his show panties that Barry really excited. "look look... " he muttered and pushed Robbie Barry. "He's a white pant in. " " Well, that's obvious, right? " Robbie said: "With them, white pants, when he were somewhat more although it was then ? " " I ' spose. "n " You stupid boy ! "Said Robbie. " If I was wearing white pants I bet I could tell what color pants are you? " " Yer, right I ` spose. Anyway, I hoped that I saw in school, I, n is in the previous year. " " Hey, at school, have you seen someone with a little color, as in short for games or what? "Asked Robbie, for the last n months was subject to some underwear like an obsession. that s wanted desperately to Barry in high school. Barry shook his head. " No.. I am the only one! A couple of friends in my physical education have found that I have. I've seen 'em looking at me the ass, but nobody said anything. Pity 'If I can make something ask ' em could take a straw and said, " " Yo! "If I was there," " Yes, now, I would! No one in my class says nothing creeps o that if ' em all is red, and ask not to say anything more, " Barry smiled. " Like them, I just play with him through me shorts under the table " " Well, I like to play with it for you ! Oh hold.. see what is new. "Said Robbie nodded down at the player. not knowing that he was talking about Joe finished his shoelaces and tied to their feet. In haste to seemed to be with the other players that n ot quickly realized his hand slid down the front of his shorts old, changed his erect cock and pulled his shirt in front of the panel \\ \\ n bulk. " Cor, I ªfor him! Preteen Lolita Pics "Said Robbie. " I wonder what it takes ? " " No idea, but I think that had trapped them! "Said Barry. " Look, there innit hard? In the front of his shorts, which are all that stand ! " " Now he's trying to hide it again ! "Said Robbie stretched forward with enthusiasm. One of the other boy Joe start his cock was swollen and surrounded expects its original construction did not want too much attention, looked n below to see how obviously it was. there is no doubt that there would be hide the fact that his pants were full of old, with an erection that broke out This is probably the duration of the game. the real reason was the point of view of a magnificent pair of tight white shorts, it would be appropriate n Tom perfect, but I thought they were a little too small for the 14 year old boy named Andy, who has been sewn into it. as opposed to encounter with him in recent weeks in the park, do not remember Joe him in school and knew very little about him except that he apparentlywas a friend of one of the older players. So, it was Joe s, obviously, very intrigued by the contours of the writings in shorts Andy and tried to look slyly as he moved. In a previous game s that had a tantalizing glimpse of what is caught in the pants when Andy had ever encountered Joe was very surprised, underpants do resemble wearing Aertex. If that were the case then it is would be good to know that s not the only child the best in the world have to endure the terrible things ! In any case, if handled correctly is the development of the ability to compare notes, if not underwear! " Do you think it is in the same class as Brian" Joe Robbie asked looked back I was looking at Andy. " I have no idea it could be. It seems the same age. " N "I could ask " Robbie said, rather naively. "' Cause I do not want to be Brian mockery WOT not know what to do. " N "It's silly sod " Barry smiled. " WOT, and asked if he saw yer brother strawthe whole class ? " " `Do not spose. It's just going to have to be brave, right? "Said Robbie finally realize that Brian has to find its own solution to the problem " YER is. But we must warn you that now everyone knows. "Said Barry thoughtful. " It is only right and proper innit ? " ", of course. "Robbie was Barry. " Hey, look... is with the tight pants is do something with the hard on that.. observed " " WOT? " " Look, he is to go for it! " , as Andy was, chasing the ball, looked around furtively, gave up the ball and turned to the left, appeared in a set of deliberate collision course Joe, who had been the scene of the tail and happened to him before. " WOT fucking hell," said Joe surprised when he fell out of breath to the ground. "Oh, shit.. Sorry.. I missed the ball and shoot shit, "'said Andy, as that landed on Joe, who was on the face of widespread grass down. " Oh, no.. Oh hell ' bitch! "It was only whs Joe managed to twist the neck n and see who 's in it, the thought crossed my mind that this may have been coincidental. " Keep fighting, as if attempting to rise. " Andy whispered to Preteen Lolita Pics continued Joe ear while the ground pin. " WOT? " Joe was terrified of what was coming after him. He tried clock. " They were cursed not you see? A look at my shorts! " Andy Joe turned his head back in front on the floor. "Keep your fucking head ! " N If Joe had seen the face of Andy, he would have realized that no furious when he learned, but enjoyed the farce. " I'm no.. no.. " "You fucked up, you can look in my shorts, I saw you, little fucking cock! " \\ \\ n ", I.. I.. " "You fucked it, WOT ? " before Joe could say what he felt a hand on a forced n between the legs and below it to get the path to the inside of your leg drive short. andand Joe grabbed the front of the panties and pulled hard cock contained in cotton mesh, while Joe began to feel very vulnerable when he realized that something was very difficult rhythmically forced n in the thigh. " He has his hand up your ass ! " Robbie said, looking at the two children in the grass. " like this! " Said Barry, the hand was still in the blue pants, and began to shake your dick Robbie to rub in the direction of another dry orgasm. " Well, you have to be a little difficult for you? " Andy said he was all Joe around the outside of the underwear. " Um.. " " You will shake a little when I get home? " Meanwhile, red-faced Joe would have burned the grass, if possible. n o, I could not answer simple. ".. And yer Aertex pants on! " Said Andy loosen its grip on Joe n the tap. Joe did not know what to do. Andy was not much older, but apparently loud and apparently angry, that he might hurt or what? N "I heard some idiot.. " Joe GreenTed appreciation. " Well, if I move away, get up, they look normal and be damned. " Said Andy, that sounds very serious. "But first you need to know.. you can not go rounded look at my ass when I see you! " As he spoke, he pulled the legs of the shorts and with a signature Joe No ankle jerk off until Joe " I Aertex fucking right ! Now"Arise ! " At this moment came courtesy of Barry, fourth dry orgasm Robbie the day! They were spellbound as Joe was clearly uncomfortable, of slip on the screen with all the groups n front that is united by what appeared to sprout an erection now in front of the shorts Andy! almost stumbling and struggling to his feet, Joe certainly seemed as humiliated despite has already started and I felt totally. look around to be rushed to get his shorts in front Preteen Lolita Pics of Andy, who stared dispassionately to the bulge decreases rapidly with pee stained Joe panties. " NowYou little bastard.. "Andy Joe looked at his face and then stopped, " You do not need a lesson, right? " nodded Joe swallowed hard, I could feel the cold sweat. The obvious I was tempted to run away from there and then. " Well. "Andy said, and paused. " So I think we are the only two guys England are Aertex pants ? " " WOT? "Joe looked confused and did not know what to say. What is Then it was to make no sense, and he was really expecting to be beaten. " Now are we ? " This was as much as Andy could say before he was laughing, doubled as Joe just keep staring. Finally, after what seemed an eternity Joe was realized that he was well and truly duped. ' sSon of a bitch! " ########################################### # # ############## ##### Chapter 46 to follow
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